Monday, December 21, 2009

A new record!

Hey dudes and lady dudes. We are working hard on writing a new record for your listening pleasure and this one will truly be skull shattering. We are not quite sure where we are recording it (or when) but more than likely it will be in the next couple months. The only thing I know for sure is a title and that is, "The Cold Testament".

Thematically, The Cold Testament will be a little looser than Horoskopus, but there is still an underlying current to both the sound of the album and lyrically. This will in my opinion be our strongest, most haunting offering, closing another chapter in the Book of Black Earth.

Also as a four piece now, the sound has changed a bit in the more raw guitar driven direction. I know a lot of you miss the keyboards (and a lot of you don't!) but more than likely they'll make an appearance here and there on the next record.

OK I hope you all are well,


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